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Bakers Loving People and Nature

Vegan Confectionaries makes gourmet baking mixes for fully vegan desserts of classic appearance, texture, and flavor. Each of the ingredients in our premium products is selected on a scientific basis, and we source the highest quality components in the market all along from preparing our mixes to packaging.

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The Vegan Confectionaries family has been carefully planning and testing the best ingredients for several years. It all began when a caring and science mom wanted to make tasty desserts for the enjoyment of her vegan young sons. Several years of working together led to a dream come true: the animal-free treats got the characteristics of classic desserts, quite a celebration in plant-based bakery. By then adults, the family started a business that now brings joy to both vegan and non-vegan customers, while promoting love for Nature. We are proud to make a mark in our community, a Philadelphia suburb.

Vegan Confectionaries offers a variety of delightful Banana Bread Dry Mixes, and an Almond Crisp Topping Mix; given their delicious natural taste, there is no frosting needed. With added fresh fruit, all mixes are easy to bake at home for unforgettable fun!

Our values


We use the best ingredients in the market to manufacture premium quality products for taste and texture.


Constantly thinking how to improve our products, create new ones, and serve our customers in the best possible way.


We support the Vegan Philosophy of contributing to a sustainable peaceful world through promoting healthy plant-based diets and waste reduction.

Our Mission

Our main mission is having happy customers enjoying animal free, energetic premium desserts.

We are committed to a sustainable world by promoting a plant-based diet and composting much of our food leftovers, returning valuable minerals to the earth.

Another business central commitment is working as a family.