What is a good advice in vegan baking?

The best advice would be “Follow the Instructions” for ingredients and steps. Since the animal ingredients have been replaced by plant-based components, the preparation steps
become stricter.
Another good advice is laying out all ingredients at room temperature so they can effectively

Why is heating the oven the very first step in baking?

Because the longer the oven is on, the more the chances the temperature remains high when putting the baking pans in. This way your dessert will most likely begin cooking at high temperatures right away.

Are Vegan Confectionaries products gluten-free?

No, they are not, we use wheat for our mixes and our facilities are not gluten-free. Some people are highly sensitive to gluten and even a minor cross contamination may cause problems.

For the Topping Mix, can I use regular oil instead of olive oil?

Yes, basically all oils work well, but regular olive oil makes it tastier.

Can our bread mixes be used to make cakes?

Yes, they can bake in rectangular or circular pans, just make sure they are very well greased and dusted with flour, or paper lined. They usually cook in less time than loaf pans.

What if after recommended baking time I see tiny crumbs sticking to the cake tester, is my breaddone?

It could be done. Because breads contain fruit, tiny crumbs can stick to the tester when is done. However, sticking raw batter pieces indicate more baking time is needed. Bread pulling away from the pan is also a doneness indicator.

Why do we need to wait 3-4 hours for the breads to cool after baking?

Because the absence of animal elements creates a delicate structure, and the oils need time to settle within the baked batter. Slicing them early will affect the texture and would give a chewy crumbly consistency.

Can our breads be frosted?

Sure, any frosting will be good on them. Lime glaze is a delicious choice.

How are breads stored and for how long?

They can be stored for 2-3 days in an airtight container at room temperature, 4-5 days in the refrigerator, and month and a half in the freezer without compromising flavor and texture. Given the all plant-based ingredients, our breads tend to last for a while without contamination. If frozen, they need to thaw at room temperature for 1-2 hours to regain texture, but if weather is hot, it is better to thaw in the fridge. Breads can be refrozen. Let’s keep in mind that breads taste better at room temperature than cold.

Can we microwave or toast the bread slices?

Yes, in fact few seconds in the microwave or few minutes in the toaster will make delicious treats.

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